Brands Heritage Story

Luxury Fashion Armor of Chivalry

fashioned in the pursuit of Resort Lifestyle Ocean & Mountain
A designer fashion brand with a mission for evolving the mark of past idols with tenets of acceptance, Love Order!
(shown above - Ethan Matthew | diamond four point crosses - signature print)

Forged in a signature print Diamond Four Point Crosses and the brands icon Expansive Cross

* One-of-a-kind fashion prints collectables!

* All Gender fashion collections

* Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter

* Artists/Designers Collabs

* Made-to-Order + DROPS + Destination Retail Shops

* brands code = Magenta #600666 

* Founder/Designer; Matthew Ashburn

* Designed in Beverly Hills, Ca. USA

* Resort Pop Wear DAO (fashion category)

Inspired by the designers 4X Grandfather – a member of the Knights Templar (Commandery No1) during the mid-late 1800’s in Philadelphia, PA, USA


* Knights Templar - medal of order (image above)


* Knights Templar | 100th Anniversary medal from 1876 ceremonial event in Philadelphia, PA, USA (shown here; front & back of ceremonial medal)


Love Order!